Vivek Ratna

Author | Founder of Hootsgo | Technology Consultant | Speaker

Why and how to embrace Consumerization of IT / BYOD?

Corporate computing has entered a period of unprecedented transformation while trying to embrace disruptive technologies such as Consumerization of IT, social networking, Cloud computing, BYOD, Big Data etc.. It is challenging for the best of IT executives to deploy next generation architectures in support of these developments.
An increasing mobile workforce and a wave of non-traditional devices are complicating efforts. Consumerization of IT trend will continue to accelerate and gain momentum because a growing number of corporate users are demanding the use of one device. This requires the development of a comprehensive approach with policies that enable this paradigm shift.

The impact of mobility growth on IT is profound and is here to stay. In this session you will learn about the current state and benefits of consumerization of IT. Additionally, I will discuss how enterprises can overcome the complexity and some of the security and compliance issues while benefiting from potential productivity gains.

Learning Objective 1: Learn about what is driving Cosumerization of IT and its current state

Learning Objective 2: Steps to Consumerization of IT in the enterprise and its impact on technology architectures

Learning Objective 3: How to secure and manage employee owned devices