Vivek Ratna

Author | Founder of Hootsgo | Technology Consultant | Speaker

Top 5 Secrets to Surviving Change and managing Risk

The raging winds of the Great Change are sweeping across the world, threatening to turn our once-vibrant economic landscape into a desert of withering growth, parched profits, anxious workforce and nervous leaders. Position your Company for success in these economic times by first analyzing answers to these top TEN questions:

  • Are you losing market share?
  • Have you explored alternative strategies to grow your market share?
  • Are you at risk of being overtaken by your competition?
  • Are your operating systems inflexible?
  • Are your sales and purchasing departments strategically organized?
  • Are your employees performing optimally?
  • Are you at risk of going out of business?
  • How often have you performed a risk analysis?

If any of the above questions raises a doubt in your mind or if you answered yes to any of the questions then you need to attend this seminar or risk not doing it. If you don’t transform the way you think, the way you do business, and the way you go to market, this global economic crisis can move your businesses into irrelevance or even extinction.
This change and risk leadership methodology, with real life examples, will prepare your organization to remain competitive in this fast moving world. The seminar will explore & direct your efforts towards the proper solution steps of the process itself and how to effectively manage associated risks. The top 5 things you will learn include why transformational change efforts fail, the principles of change, why and how to conduct a risk analysis, the need to use a unifying language and how to define the path forward.