Vivek Ratna

Author | Founder of Hootsgo | Technology Consultant | Speaker

Why Transform Learning?

Education is part of life and it is a lifelong process. It should be fun and challenging… not boring. If you are as passionate as I am about Learning and Education then this seminar is a must attend for you.

The challenge in these hard economic times is how to stay competitive and not to use new technologies to re-create traditional education systems, but rather create new “learning environments”. In this seminar you will learn about the following 8 topics to help you re-position your learning efforts:

  • Analyze the current state of learning and why the traditional “School model” is broken
  • Discuss “learning styles” and how collaborative learning and online eLearning are making an impact
  • Discuss why spending billions on software or hardware by itself is not the solution
  • Analyze learning trends in this information age and the impact of “Learning Games”
  • Discuss the concept of “Disruptive Innovation” and how it impacts learning
  • Explore some Networks for Learning (“STEM”, NASA” LE&RN”and others) and analyze their role in advancing learning and education
  • Discuss how training in Corporate America is transforming
  • Identify what needs to change in our Education system for it to be effective

In this seminar we will not only discuss the above but will explore where and how improvements can be instituted that are beneficial for the educational enterprise and enhance the quality of education. At the end of this seminar you will be able to define a path forward with enough take aways to make a difference in Education and Learning.