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I am a Author.Founder of Hootsgo.a Technology Consultant.a Speaker.

Vivek Ratna is a noted expert in Technology Strategy and Product Development to help grow businesses around the world. For over 30 years, he has led or advised a wide range of global leaders and local startups to help their operations, technology, and internal and external educational efforts.

Vivek’s expertise and application includes disruptive technologies such as big data and analytics, cloud computing, IT security, BYOD and mobile device strategy, and agile application development. Vivek is also a highly rated speaker at technology, developer, and executive summits and conferences.



Provides strategy and implemen-tation of vital IT needs such as big data and analytics, cloud computing, mobile and bring-your-own-device issues, and the consumerization of IT.


Develops cost effective solutions with open source technologies such as PHP, Linux, MySQL, Drupal, and WordPress, and works with a global network of top developer talent.


Designs and provides enterprise-scale e-learning solutions that enhance the entire learning process using collaborative open source technologies and methodologies honed by years of proven results.


Collaboration amongst children is a growing, massive wave of making education more effective, relevant, and timely for skills beyond the classroom. Vivek is founder and CEO of Hootsgo, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization launching in 2015 that will provide learning communities for children around the world.



Cloud Computing has become a minefield of confusing terms, definitions, acronyms and complexities. The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing, authored by Vivek Ratna, demystifying the confusion and helps readers on all levels understand the true value of it and help make more informed decisions.

Written in a jargon-free tone, this simple guide clarifies the description of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is more a paradigm shift of existing technologies than a new technology, concept, or creation. The book explores security risks, latency, reliability, privacy, regulatory compliance and governance, along with the benefits and value of Cloud Computing.

Stewart Hair of EDS and HP (IT Services Leadership): “Great for the executive who just wants to know what all the buzz is about and be armed to ask the right questions.”


Hans Konstapel

Hans Konstapel Director & Owner, Constable Research BV (The Netherlands)

Vivek is one the best IT-architects and IT-managers I have ever met. Besides that he is a wonderful person full of humor.

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson SVP Marketing and Sales

Vivek is one of the smartest and most dedicated professionals I’ve ever known. Working with him at Intellinex/Ernst &Young, I experienced his depth of technical knowledge, passion for excellent work, and dedication to a strong customer experience. He’s a tremendous individual and leader.

Arun Singhal

Arun Singhal PMP (former Prof. IIM – Indore)

Dr. Vivek Ratna presented a powerful seminar on Risk & Change management to senior executives of Larsen & Toubro (India’s largest Engineering/Construction Company) in Mumbai. Vivek’s deep understanding of the subject matter and persuasive delivery style makes him a great speaker.

Mark Bockeloh

Mark Bockeloh Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Vivek is very intelligent and applies this asset appropriately with the executives he engages and in the roles he is asked to play. Vivek has shown his business skills and versatility in each of his roles. Associated with Ernst & Young he has successfully managed as an Account Executive, Service Line Co-Leader, head of software/services customer support, program office manager, project leader and managed ASP outsourcing contracts. He has adapted his management style appropriately and effectively to play the roles slated for him on each occasion. Vivek knows who the customer is, his focus is always to understand the customer’s needs, manage to a budget delivering what is needed, in the end over deliver and make money. It has been a pleasure working with Vivek during my career and I look forward to another opportunity if it should arise.” November 19, 2007

Florent du Peyroux

Florent du Peyroux HR & Learning Project Executive at IBM Global Services (Paris, France)

When setting up the European subsidiary of Ernst & Young/Intellinex, it was a great pleasure to work with Vivek. He demonstrated strong expertise when supporting me in commercial/delivery challenges on the French market.

Folkert Castelein

Folkert Castelein CEO, Global Learning Institute and board member of the Rwanda Chamber Foundation (The Netherlands)

Vivek spoke at the inaugural Cordys event in The Netherlands as an expert on using Technology to deploy eLearning. The guests left satisfied…beyond delighted with the information they received. Vivek is a very engaging and funny presenter who offered real-world tips on the effective deployment of eLearning.” Additionally, over the past ten years I have worked with Vivek on several projects and have found him to be very dedicated to the job, a real senior professional with huge technology, eLearning and business experience.


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Vivek co-authored a paper “Focus E-learning on Specific Small Target Groups” in the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning ( )


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Vivek Ratna applies his more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology and distance learning to his practical seminars and consulting engagements.  He is a results focused Senior Executive offering broad international Management Consulting experience with Fortune 100 Companies and not-for-profit Organizations.  The diversity of responsibilities required him to assess complex situations, address operational crises, performance management, change management, risk management, restructuring, financial issues, monetizing businesses and providing eLearning solutions

Vivek loves to co-create with leaders, managers, individuals and companies successful strategies leading to higher profits, increased margins, and higher retention of employees. He works with executives and their management teams, at all levels, to realize their strengths and unlock their potential.  More recently he used his extensive technology experience combined with his educational processes to provide the development and implementation of an outside observation deck in the form of advisory services to several start-ups and established business executives with feedback, insights, and guidance.

On a personal note:  Vivek has a passion to help Children excel in education.  Over the past few years he conducted a pilot with over 100,000 children from over 18 countries on a virtual learning platform he architected and then developed with his team.  He is in the process of finalizing the technology platform to launch his vision of a new paradigm in education. This not-for-profit initiative can be accessed at

He is an active member of several Organizations such as the IEEE and an advisory board member at Organizations such as the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence and Thank you Darlin’ Foundation (“Encouraging Youth to Succeed”)

Here are some bullet points specific to Vivek’s training background:

  • Vivek is a certified trainer for the three day Transformational Change Management workshop,  Microsoft Certified Trainer and Certified in Instructional Techniques by Friesen, Kay and Associates
  • Vivek conducted a Management webinar  on Success Factors for Implementing e-learning globally as a faculty member of the eLearningGuild
  • Vivek has been called upon to speak or be part of a discussion panel, at several international technical and business events as a subject matter expert, on topics ranging from Project risk management, transformational change management,  eLearning best practices and I.T. trends and others in Austria, India, Spain, USA and The Netherlands

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Vivek Ratna

[email protected]

(972) 213-1150

Digital Learning Solutions, 5605 N MacArthur Blvd.

Suite 1000, Irving TX 75038


The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing explains Cloud Computing in succinct, straightforward, practical language and shows readers how to embrace the possibilities inherent in this paradigm shift

A clear and simple read with a common sense approach. Great for the executive who just wants to know what all the buzz is about and be armed to ask the right questions

tewart Hair, over twenty years of IT services leadership at EDS and HP

Changes in technology often cause confusion, and such is the case with Cloud Computing. The terminology alone leaves many business leaders befuddled, but the newly released book by Vivek Ratna titled The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing demystifies the confusion and shows readers how to exploit the opportunities inherent within the Cloud.

In this succinct, eighty-page book containing numerous colorful graphics, Ratna, a thirty-year leader in the IT industry, helps business users understand that Cloud Computing is more a paradigm shift of existing technologies than a new technology, concept, or creation.

In clear language, The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing clarifies Cloud Computing and its minefield of confusing terms, definitions, acronyms, and complexities. The book then explores Cloud Computing’s likely benefits and future effects on global organizations and the IT landscape before offering a suggested roadmap for incorporating it.

While healthy skepticism exists regarding concerns over security risks, latency, reliability, privacy, regulatory compliance, and governance, Ratna explains that Cloud Computing is becoming a formidable force to contend with and offers significant benefits, especially to small- to medium-sized businesses that now have access to technologies, hardware, and software that were previously cost prohibitive.

He comments, “Cloud Computing is likely to change the way we work and live, but there is utter confusion on this whole paradigm shift. The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing provides baseline knowledge together with critical insights that help readers make more informed decisions and move forward while embracing and exploiting this exciting technology.”

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Author:Dr. Vivek Ratna is an international practicing consultant, speaker, author, and technology advisor to for-profit as well as not-for-profit organizations. A results-focused senior executive, he applies his over thirty years of experience in Information Technology and consulting with the Big 4 to his writings and practical seminars.